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The Cary Company is your source for Raw Materials, Packaging, Absorbents and Filtration products for both industry and consumer. Serving such industries as paint and coatings, adhesives, plastics, asphalt, automotive, building, chemical, electronics, flooring, food, foundries, graphic arts, printing inks, oil and grease, paper, plastics, pharmaceuticals, putty, caulks, sealants, rubber, detergents, wallpaper, personal care, candles and much more. Quality products, reliable service, and competitive prices leaves no question why The Cary Company has been in business for over 118 years. Corporate headquarters are located 25 miles west of Chicago in Addison, IL.

The Cary Company is also an active member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors and have signed on to their Responsible Distribution Process, which has been certified by Underwriter's Laboratories.

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DEsect100% Natural Diatomaceous Earth - DEsect
The Cary Company is proud to represent EP Minerals and their DEsectâ„¢ product line. DEsect is a special grade of fresh-water food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE). It contains no toxic chemicals, and it has no taste or smell. It is designed to be a safe and highly effective insecticide for various uses such as: grain storage, on animals, and all around the farm, home and garden. It's also safe for use in grain storage and food processing. DEsect is designed to eliminate insects faster and safer than competing DE brands.

The Cary Company Aquires New Vendors
ALREZAREZ Corporation our supplier of Rosin based resins for ink, coatings and adhesives is now ALREZ Corporation. The plant in China will stay with AREZ and ALREZ will take the plant in Crosset AR. This gives The Cary Company access to domestic production for products commonly used in the industries we serve. John Smith formerly with AREZ is now with ALREZ. Any company producing ink, wood coatings or hotmelt adhesives is likely to use these products.

Tolsa has added the Fillite line of hollow cenospheres to our existing line of Ultraspheres. The Fillite products are well recognized in the industry, they are typically used in composite materials and construction products for their light weight, low oil absorption and lower cost.
Raw Materials Packaging & Filtration Division It's Here!
Raw Materials
If you are looking for raw materials, we represent an unparalleled list of distinguished suppliers, recognized leaders in their respective fields, supplying resins, pigments, extenders, additives, and foaming/purge agents.
Packaging, Filtration, Spill Control
Looking for Containers or Industrial Filtration Products? Check out our PACKAGING DIVISION! We have a full line of plastic, metal, and glass containers, as well as industrial filtration products for both liquid and dust filtration. We also have spill control products, packaging tools and equipment.
The Cary Store
The Cary Store has arrived! It is in its infancy, but now you can order online, view product photos, obtain specs, track orders, and so much more. Check it out and give us your feedback!

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